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I’ve known Mak for many years, as a producer, he not only produces great music for me, but he has also encouraged and build confidence within me. What I love about him is his professionalism and passion for producing great music.
I would definitely recommend him, to take your music to the next level


‘’I got in contact with MKFWI as I needed mixing and mastering services for my album. I found him to be great to work with, he was reliable and helped to ensure that I came out with a high quality sounding finished product. I would highly recommend!”

Micheal Personne

“There is a lot I can say about MKFWI, he is genuinely interested in other artists artistry, his phenomenal talent and extraordinarily thorough ear combined with his knowledge, create advice which is invaluable. He is able to transform a record into something you would not have expected when it comes to professional quality. cannot recommend his talents enough. He cares about his work and cares about every artist he works with.”

Duke Al

Working with Mak is always a pleasure. His understanding and knowledge of composing are like a 2 in 1 experience of creation & musical knowledge. He’s one of a few of my go-to producers for sure! Not everybody has the gift he’s got!

Reuel Elijah



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